Bachelor's Program - Nursing

The Hampton University School of Nursing offers undergraduate degrees leading to the Bachelor of Science (BS) with a major in nursing at both the Hampton University (main campus) and the College of Virginia Beach (COVB). 

Hampton University (Main campus)

College of Virginia Beach (COVB campus)

No Longer Admitting Students

Hampton U Online (University College)

Program Outcomes

  1. Accept each Human Being as a unique bio-psycho-social-cultural-political-spiritual entity existing in an open system constantly interacting with the internal and external environment to attain high levels of wellness.
  2. Apply theoretical knowledge and concepts derived from nursing, the humanities, behavioral sciences, and the natural sciences as a foundation to promote wellness.
  3. Apply informed ethical decision making skills in order to serve as an effective client advocate within a contemporary multicultural health care environment.
  4. Utilize critical thinking skills, independent decision-making, and sound clinical judgment in meeting the health care needs of Human Beings.
  5. Utilize nursing knowledge in a variety of settings to assist culturally and developmentally diverse populations to promote wellness and prevent illness.
  6. Evaluate research for the applicability of the finding to nursing roles and practice.
  7. Promote interdisciplinary collaboration to improve the delivery of health care.
  8. Utilize verbal and written communication skills effectively while implementing the present and emerging role of the professional nurse.
  9. Utilize leadership and management strategies to effect change for the improvement of healthcare within a global environment.
  10. Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for nursing practice decisions and related outcomes.
  11. Utilize new and emerging health technologies to promote health and advance the profession.
  12. Participate in continuous lifelong learning for a satisfying, self-directed, personal and professional life.