Dinah Saunders

Dinah Saunders, EdD, RN, BC

Dr. Dinah Saunders graduated from Madison College with a bachelor’s of science; Norfolk General Hospital School of Professional Nursing with a diploma in nursing; Old Dominion University with a bachelor’s of science in nursing and master’s of science in nursing; and the College of William and Mary with a doctorate in education. She practiced as a professional nurse in the burn injury and respiratory intensive care settings at Norfolk General Hospital. Throughout her career, she has taught in diploma, associate, and baccalaureate nursing programs offered through the Norfolk General Hospital School of Professional Nursing, Norfolk State University, and Christopher Newport University. She served as a faculty member with the accelerated program at the College of Virginia Beach.

Dr. Saunders wishes Godspeed to her colleagues and past and present Hampton University School of Nursing students and states, “May life continue to be a blessed adventure for all of us.”