Grade Change and Scrubs

Posted July 30, 20175

July 30, 2015

Dear Nursing Student:

It is hard to believe, but it’s that time of the year again- the beginning of a new academic year!  On behalf of the School of Nursing administrators, faculty, and staff, welcome back to your “Home by the Sea!

Prior to your return, I am recommending that you review the dosage and calculation content.  The examination is scheduled for the first week of classes.  I am also strongly recommending that you review previous HESI examinations and the remediation exercises.

Please be reminded that you are responsible for checking your status in  I am quite certain that all clinical clearance documents have been received by on May 1, 2015.  Enrollment in clinical courses and the corresponding theory courses for fall 2015 will be dropped if clinical clearance documents have not been received and/or deemed non-compliant.

There have been changes in the nursing program which include revisions to the grading policy and the dress code for the School of Nursing.  Effective July 27, 2015, the minimum passing grade for all nursing courses has changed from 74 (“C”) to 78 (“C+”).  In addition, all Pre-Professional and Professional nursing students must wear scrubs when attending non-clinical classes in the School of Nursing.  There will be no exceptions to the dress code policy.  The color for the scrubs is royal blue and they can be purchased from Walmart, Walgreens, Kmart, Target, or uniform stores.  The revised dress code requirements are enclosed with this letter.

Lastly, the vendor utilized for the purchase of uniforms during the 2014-2015 academic year has changed.  If you must purchase additional uniforms, the new vendor is Dove Apparel.  Their website address is  Once you are on the Dove website, select “Buy Student Apparel,” and the program code is HAMPU15.

I look forward to your safe return to campus in August.  I am confident that you will continue to work hard this academic year and will be successful in all of your academic endeavors.


Dr. Arlene J. Montgomery

Interim Dean

Enclosure (1)

Hampton University

School of Nursing

Revised Dress Code


Scrubs and Underclothing

Scrub tops must cover shoulders, abdomen, and buttocks. Scrub bottoms must be worn so that the pants are not below the waist.

Scrubs must be clean, in good repair and pressed.

Scrubs (top and pants) MUST be Royal blue and can be obtained from various retailers, such as Walmart, Kmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. A white lab coat/jacket may be worn over the scrubs.

Students are expected to wear underwear: nothing should be visible through the clothing.

*Tight clothing is not permitted.

Shoes and Socks

A complete closed in soft- soled solid colored (blue, black or white) shoe/sneaker without adornment is permissible. Leather or cloth is acceptable.

Shoelaces need to match shoe color.

Above the ankle, solid color socks (blue, black or white) are permissible.

*Sneakers may be worn with scrubs but cannot be worn at any other time.


Hair and Beards

Hair must be neat, clean and a color found in nature and not extreme in style.

No head coverings may be worn unless approved by the university.

Beard must be well groomed or closely trimmed. Sideburns and mustache must be well groomed.

*The lab setting rules for hair will follow the uniform clinical policy.


Make up must be neatly applied and in good taste.

In order to present a professional appearance, students are requested to apply makeup in moderation.


Visible tattoos are to be covered at all times.


A plain wedding band and watch may be worn with the scrubs.

One pair of small stud earrings may be worn in the earlobes.

*Jewelry in the nose, eyebrows, tongue, or other body piercings are prohibited.


Artificial nails and nail jewelry are prohibited.

Nails must be kept clean and short.

Only clear nail polish may be worn.


Students MUST display a Hampton University identification name tag at all times.


Students must have the following equipment with them when they attend lab sessions:

Pen (black ink) and pencil

Pocket size notebook

Watch with a second hand

Bandage scissors