Hampton University Nurses Alumni Association


  • Education For Life - Strive Today For A Better Tomorrow.


  • To Advance High Standards of Ethical and Professional Nursing.
  • To Promote Professional and Educational Advancement in Every Way.


  • To Promote a Closer Relationship among Professional Nurses.
  • To Stimulate Greater Participation in Civic Affairs.


  • Plan and Implement Programs Annually
  • Donate a Thanksgiving Basket to Needy Family Annually when Necessary
  • Assist the Sick and Shut in Members when Necessary.
  • Send Cards, Flowers, Fruit Baskets or Monetary Donations to Sick Members. (Monetary Donations or Flowers in the Death of a Member or Death of Immediate Family Member.)
  • Develop an Ongoing Program to Give Two Scholarships to High School Students Majoring in Nursing with College of their Choice.
  • Awards Luncheon Given Every Two Years.
  • Have a Legacy Endowed Scholarship of $25,000 at Hampton University School of Nursing


  • Contribute to the NAACP Annually
  • Contribute to the United Negro College Fund Annually
  • Contribute to the Salvation Army
  • Contribute to the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundations
  • Contribute to the Diabetes Association
  • Contribute to the Food Bank Annually
  • Contribute to the Menchville House (Home for Women and Children) with Theme of "Elevating From Hurt To Hope"
  • Contribute to NAACP
  • Contribute Monetary Donations to the School of Nursing

Dr. Terry A. Guyton-Smith, FNP-Dear Alumni and Friends, 

It is my pleasure to greet you as the new president of the Hampton University Nurses Alumni Association. Each year it is the Alumni’s commitment to provide a scholarship to high school graduates in their endeavors to enter into the nursing profession. In supporting nursing students, we are making a contribution to the profession and the healthcare field.  It is only with your continued support of these events that we are able to meet our goal of assisting students in their endeavors. 

I would like to extend to the nursing graduates an invitation to become a member of the local chapter of the Hampton University Nurses’ Alumni Association.  Our meeting days and times are as follows:

Dr. Terry A. Guyton-Smith, FNP-C
President, Hampton University Nurses Alumni Association
E-mail contact: Tags1@verizon.net
Telephone Contact: (757) 358-5995
Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/HUNAA/