Hampton University School of Nursing Pin

Celebrate the Legacy of the Nursing Tradition

Hampton University School of Nursing PinThe School of Nursing’s pin is a representation of the middle of the Hampton University seal. The official seal was accepted in 1875 and only the name has changed as Hampton has evolved from the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute to Hampton Institute to Hampton University.

The symbols on the seal and the pin are a plow and sheaths of grain; books of knowledge surmounted by a globe of the world; a Bible stand; and, an old-fashioned printing press. The sunrise over Hampton Creek symbolizes the rise of educational opportunities, and the boat on the water symbolizes the principal medium of transportation to Hampton during its early history.

Each new graduate is eligible to receive the Hampton University School of Nursing pin, which symbolizes the transition from student to nurse.

The pin of each school of Nursing is unique.  It is with great achievement that only graduates of that school may wear the pin as a testament to their distinct style of Nursing. This is a badge of honor, which says you have been trained with the devotion of a long line of dedicated nurses reaching back through time, loving hand to loving hand. Wear it proudly and with confidence, as it will inspire confidence in those who see that they are in the best possible hands.

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