Message from the Dean

Dr Shevellanie LottFuture Nurses and Graduates of Hampton University School of Nursing

You have chosen a career that is constantly evolving.  The nurse of today is not one who donned a white uniform and cap some fifty plus years ago. The new millennium nurse embraces change, thinks critically, behaves professionally and responds appropriately. 

To successfully evolve into a professional nurse, you must embrace the notion that nursing school is challenging and rigorous.  Therefore, write your vision and make it plain “I AM A NURSE.”  Surround yourself with positive people who embrace the same ideals.  Focus on your studies, my mother always told me “Anything worth having, is worth working hard for.”  Enjoy life and take care of yourself, take time out of each day to engage in an activity you enjoy.  You owe that to yourself.  Utilize your resources within the School of Nursing and around the university.  Set aside a period of time each day to focus on every class; create a schedule and stick to it.  Reward yourself when you do well, don’t beat yourself up when you fail.  The mark of a person of good character is that you can rise after you have fallen. 

Most importantly, you must believe that it can be accomplished!


Shevellanie Lott PhD, RN, CNE

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