Nursing Administration Program - Full Time

Department of Graduate Nursing Education

Master of Science Degree (MS)


Nursing Administrator Program - Full-Time
Transcript Concentration Designation: Nursing Administrator

Semester I - (Fall)CREDITS
NUR 510 Conceptual Approaches to Nursing Practice 2
NUR 648 Financial Management for Nursing Administrators or Accounting Concepts 3
MBA600 Accounting Concepts  
NUR 678 Family Nursing Theory and Practice 3
Elective Graduate Nursing Elective 3
Semester Total 11
Semester II (Spring)CREDITS
NUR 606 Principles of Nursing Administration 6
  Clinical Specialty and Population Focus (One Course)  
NUR 610 Community Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing I, or Community Health Nursing I, or Advanced Adult Nursing I 4
NUR 612 Community Health Nursing I  
NUR 614 Advanced Adult Nursing I  
Semester Total 10
Summer Session ICREDITS
STA 600 Statistics 3
Semester III (Fall)CREDITS
NUR 640 or MBA 648 Human Resources Administration 3
  Research Focus (One Course)  
*NUR 683 Research Methods in Nursing or Master's Thesis Research (Thesis) 4
NUR 681 Master's Thesis Research (Thesis)  
NUR 512 Organizational Behavior Group and Role Theory 3
Semester Total 10
Semester IV (Spring)CREDITS
NUR 607 Advanced Nursing Administration 5
NUR 609 Nursing Colloquium 3
Elective Graduate Business Elective 3
*NUR 702 Comprehensive Examination 1
Semester Total 12

*refers to Plan B as indicated in HU 2016-18 Academic Catalog