Professional Nursing Program Admissions Criteria

The acceptance letter into HU satisfies admission to the Pre-Professional Nursing Program, but does not automatically qualify students for acceptance into the Professional Nursing Program.  A student must complete a separate application for admission to the Professional Program of the Department of Undergraduate Nursing Education. The School of Nursing Department of Undergraduate Nursing Education handles the admissions process for the Professional Program.  A competitive ranking scale is utilized during the admissions process. Emphasis is placed on overall GPA, science and math GPA, and scores on the ATI TEAS® exam  The ATI TEAS® exam will be administered twice during the spring semester.  Meeting the minimum requirements does not mean automatic admission to the Professional Nursing Program.

Professional Program Minimum Requirements

  • Successful completion of all Pre-Professional courses
  • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher all post-secondary schools attended.
  • Cumulative science and math grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale for all post-secondary schools attended.
  • Applicants must have completed math and science courses within the last five (5) years.
  • Not more than one repeat in required math or science courses to achieve a passing grade of “C” or higher
  • Not more than one course withdrawal in math and science courses.
  • The minimum passing grade for all theory and clinical nursing courses is 78 (“C+”).  Effective July 27, 2015

Disclosure Statement

  • The student who earns a grade of less than 78 must repeat the course.  However, both grades will be calculated in the Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • The student who earns a grade of 73 or lower may repeat the course. However, only the most recent grade will be calculated in the cumulative GPA.
  • The student who fails two (2) nursing courses (i.e., a grade of less than 78) will be dismissed from the School of Nursing.
  • Not more than one failure in required math, science or nursing courses.
  • Not more than one course withdrawal in math, science or nursing courses
  • Acceptable scores on ATI TEAS® exam admissions exam. (ATI TEAS® exam Score Explanation and Interpretation Sheet)
  • RN students who have completed nursing courses at an accredited college or university may be admitted to the Professional Program with such advanced credits as the records warrant. Registered Nurse students (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurse students (LPNs) must give evidence of a current license to practice.

Requirements for Professional Program Readmission

  1. Reapply to the Professional Program if you withdraw from a nursing course or separate from the University
  2. Submit an application for readmission one semester prior to the planned date of reentry.
  3. Meet all requirements for admission to the Professional Program.
  4. Have your application for readmission, previous academic record, and subsequent course work reviewed by the Undergraduate Scholarship, Standards and Admission Committee.
  5. Students with two or more failures in nursing or math and science courses will not be eligible for readmission.
  6. Students who withdrew from the program when there was an integrated curriculum will be required to complete all program requirements of the current curriculum, such as completing pathophysiology and health assessment. (Students must accept all stipulations of readmission and submit a letter of intent).
  7. Validate clinical competencies of previous clinical nursing courses prior to resuming the next clinical nursing course.
  8. Students who are dismissed for disciplinary policy violations are not eligible for readmission.
  9. Readmitted students must accept all stipulations of readmission and submit a letter of intent.

Application Information

Thank you for your interest in Hampton University School of Nursing. Please see attached for all documentation pertaining to the Professional Nursing Program which includes the list of prerequisite courses and requirements for admission to the program, application packet and recommendation forms.  

 NOTE: This application is a fillable .pdf file that can be completed online.  Once completed, save document and print pages 6-8.

Campus LocationProgram TypeProgram BeginsApplication Deadline
Main (HI) Traditional May (Summer Term) March 15th

Please visit the Office of Student Academic Support Services for appointment scheduling and contact information if you are currently enrolled in prerequisite courses and have questions about the program.